Ryan O'Neill写道,新的能源采购和管理方式将继续存在,利用这些方式可以提高竞争力和利润率。

Within the industrial and commercial sector,能源被广泛认为是三大支出之一,along with labour and materials.上述三项开支中,能量是最易挥发的,with prices fluctuating up to 100% in recent years.价格的这种波动正迫使企业考虑新的、创新的控制和管理能源支出的方法。

爱尔兰公司又回到了成为一个更可持续的经济体的道路上;同样地,爱尔兰企业正在提高竞争力。利润率受到挤压,能源价格继续波动,it is critical that organisations consider the very real risks to their profit margin.

本能地,we consider risk to have negative connotations,尤其是在能源领域。However,管理得当的能源组合可以奖励那些愿意超越现状的人。

If we consider the electricity market in Ireland,用于发电的燃料主要是以化石燃料为基础的,at over 87% in 2011.The dominant fossil fuel in our generation mix is natural gas,at over 55% in 2011.不幸的是,爱尔兰没有天然气的本土供应。We are highly dependent on our closest neighbours – in 2011,some 93% of our natural gas was imported from the UK.


With this strong dependency on natural gas in mind,许多公用事业公司现在是双燃料供应商,为客户提供电力和天然气合同。Within the large energy-using sector,the majority of suppliers offer electricity contracts that are linked directly to the price of natural gas.这个,in effect,意味着当天然气价格变动时,电价也朝着同样的方向变动。英国天然气价格与爱尔兰电价之间的价格相关性非常强。



The deregulation of the energy marketplace was welcomed by all.However,with deregulation came complexity (from the end users' perspective).Traditionally,only fixed-price electricity or natural gas contracts were offered.对于供应商和最终用户来说,这是一个相对简单的交易。随着终端用户逐渐熟悉与能源合同相关的关键价格驱动因素,他们开始关注能源市场的复杂性和细微差别。Someone within their organisation had to make a call;someone was responsible for either getting a great deal or a terrible deal.有人的头在街区上。

例如,the UK gas price for 2012,以英镑标价,格式为“每千分之一便士”,从2009年9月到2011年9月,每千分之一转了30多点。Prices were at times as high as 72p/therm and as low as 42p/therm.




• Supplier margin.

This commodity component represents approximately 70% of the final bill.If the commodity component is valued at €1 million per annum,the following rule of thumb applies to the electricity bill:



如果一家公司在2012年在商品组件上花费了100万欧元,the price would have swung by approximately €270,000.

Do not starting kicking yourself just yet,还有更多。

UK gas prices have a number of quirky characteristics and one of them is the strong correlation between gas price movements for forward years.这就是说,如果2013年天然气年价格上涨,annual gas prices will also be in an upward trajectory for 2014 and 2015.如果我们以前面的经验法则为例,2013年和2014年的天然气价格也将以30p/therm的速度波动,这是合理的。结合2012/13和2014年,价格波动相当于810欧元,000.


The purpose of the above example is to stress the value of what is at stake.It also highlights the two sides of the risk conundrum:

a) One side is the risk associated with a fixed price contract.If I fixed prices and prices fall,how much has this lost opportunity cost my business (in terms of lost profit margin?)

b) Another side is the risk associated with a floating price contract.如果价格上涨,how much extra is this costing my business (in terms of lost profit margin?)

传统上,终端用户选择了第一个选项,因为固定价格合同在制定预算时具有优势。However,这通常代价很高。Is it a case of being either lucky or wrong??

即使在过去的好日子里,getting it wrong to the tune of €810,000是不可接受的。The issue for business is that energy contract management is not their core competency.事实上,these complexities can be overwhelming and often result in rash,最终用户做出的情绪化决定。


我们中的大多数人在生活中的某个阶段已经有了很大的收获。如果有人够倒霉的话,like this author,to have bought a house in 2006,他们本可以聘请一名律师,工程师和拍卖师协助他们购买。I needed assistance when buying my house because it was not my area of expertise: I did not have the tools or knowledge (especially the knowledge).经验有多专业,又是一天的辩论。

Likewise,大能源用户需要帮助。The way in which energy can now be purchased is drastically different to traditional solutions (fixed price or floating price).The marketplace in Ireland has developed considerably in recent years.Suppliers have responded to the needs of the large energy using communities and Ireland now offers some of the most innovative and flexible contracts in Europe.

These innovative contracts enable large energy using organisations to secure a budget (like a fixed price contract),but also enable end users to secure lower prices when these prices become available (like a floating contract).However,绝大多数最终用户没有工具或专业知识来管理这些灵活的合同。

就像纽约一样,the energy market never sleeps.能源价格和相关波动性需要充分关注;the financial stakes are high.Your profit margin is at risk.以航空业为例。Fuel prices have a heavy influence on profit margins and as such,航空公司将购买燃油的方式视为获得竞争优势的一种手段。这种策略现在正被爱尔兰工业中的大能源用户所接受。

一种新的能源采购和管理方式即将到来。最终用户与供应商签订了更长的合同条款,通常为三年期。在这三年的任期内,预算得到保护,机会得到保障。不再需要期望和希望能源价格下跌,the tools and expertise are available today.正是通过利用这些工具和专业知识,企业才能提高竞争力和利润率。

Ryan O'Neill拥有战略采购的MBS和电力系统的BSC。奥尼尔是施耐德电气专业服务部门的公司区域经理(爱尔兰共和国和北爱尔兰)。该部门负责每年在全球购买240亿欧元的能源。

Within the industrial and commercial sector,能源被广泛认为是三大支出之一,along with labour and materials.上述三项开支中,能量是最易挥发的,with prices fluctuating up to 100% in recent years.价格的这种波动迫使企业考虑新的…